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The iOX:

  • Easy to use - plug into a smartphone, download the iOX app. No batteries required

  • Continuously records Pulse Rate and Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) for easy at-home analysis

  • Programmable alarms will display a warning when results exceed acceptable levels

  • Data stored on your phone

  • Option to safely share data via email with one click (ie: with doctor or loved one)

  • Works with Android 


You Own Your Data:

  • Data is stored locally on your phone.
  • You can share data safely and privately with your physician
  • One-click export of the recorded data into a CSV file.






Note: Due to the recent Q4 2022 iOS 16 Software Update, iOX is currently not working on iPhones. Our team is actively and rapidly addressing this issue. Please email us if you would like to stay updated. Android is not affected.




All Android handsets and devices that support the USB OTG standard. Please verify your phone's compatibility with OTG.


Package Contents:

  • 1x iOX Pulse Oximeter

  • 1x iOX Headphone cable connector (for iOS)

  • 1x iOX OTG-USB cable connector (for Android)

  • 1x Instruction Manual

iOX Smartphone Pulse Ox

  • The iOX is the Pulse Oximeter You Want

    A pulse oximeter measures your vitals. The iOX is the world's only smartphone powered pulse oximeter. 


    The iOX uses software to calibrate to your unique skin tone and bloodflow - a must-have at-home smarthealth product. Precise and easy to use.

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