Using Your iOX

  • Please insert either index finger with your finger nail touching the top of the inside of the iOX.

  • The pad of your index finger will touch the bottom of the inside of the iOX.

  • Do not insert your finger into the probe upside down.

  • Please allow 30 seconds for the iOX to acquire an accurate and stabilized reading after the initial reading is provided.

  •  It takes approximately 15 heart beats for the device to correctly calculate your levels.

  • Your hands should be warmed to the average room temperature. 

  • Cold hands or low blood circulation in the fingertips will affect the accuracy of any oximeter. 

  • During measurement, please stay as still as possible. 

Best Practices:

  • Close out other apps before using your iOX.

  • Follow the app's direction and wait for the ‘Insert Your Finger to Begin.'


  • Turn down your volume before opening the app. 



Using Your iOX​

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