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Using Your iOX:

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 iOX works for iPhone 13 and older and all modern Android phones.

It currently does not on iPhone 14 and 15. Our team working on this issue.


We are so sorry for any inconvenience and will keep you updated.


Thank you for your patience. We appreciate you!

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First, download the free iOX app.


Search for 'iOX - Smartphone Pulse Oximeter'

  • Use the included iOS or Android cord to connect your iOX device to your phone. 

  • Open your iOX app. Insert one index finger into the iOX with your finger nail touching the top of the inside of the iOX.

  • The pad of your index finger will touch the bottom of the inside of the iOX.

  • Do not insert your finger into the probe upside down.

  • Please allow 20 seconds for the iOX to acquire an accurate and stabilized reading after the initial reading is provided.

  •  It takes approximately 15 heart beats for the device to correctly calculate your levels.

  • Your hands should be warmed to the average room temperature. 

  • Cold hands or low blood circulation in the fingertips will affect the accuracy of any oximeter. 

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  • During measurement, please stay as still as possible. 

  • Refer back to your measurements anytime with the History tab.

  • Email these measurements to your doctor with two clicks.

Best Practices:

  • Close out other apps before using your iOX.

  • Follow the app's direction and wait for the ‘Insert Your Finger to Begin.'


  • Turn down your volume before opening the app. 

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you're using any audio apps such as Podcast, Spotify, please close them

  • Look at the app permissions and make sure that the microphone access is enabled

  • Disconnect any bluetooth headphones or speakers that may be connected to your phone

  • For lightning jack, when you plug in the device, plug the headphone adapter to the iOX first, then turn on the app, and then plug in the lightning headphone adapter that already has the device attached to it.


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