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Confidently measure your vitals from home.

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Measuring our oxygen levels is critical in today's world.

With the iOX confidently check your vitals from home, and easily share them with your doctor.


The iOX Measures:

  • Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2)

  • Heart Rate

  • Perfusion Index

  • Respiration Rate

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"[Blood oxygen] values under 90 percent are considered low."

 - Mayo Clinic

How the iOX Works

Purchase your iOX and download the free iOX app on iOS or Android.

Open the app.

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Plug the iOX into your phone. Follow app's instructions. Insert finger into the iOX.


Measure key vitals within 20 seconds. Record and share your measurements easily and privately with anyone.


The iOX Works for All Skin Tones

"The iOX smartphone pulse oximeter combines hardware and software technology to accommodate individual skin tone and blood flow."

Measure 'shortness of breath' from home.

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The iOX creates peace of mind.

The iOX is Smartphone Powered


You Own Your Data

Engineered With Excellence

Invaluable Telehealth Tool

“Normal pulse oximeter readings usually range from 95 to 100 percent. Values under 90 percent are considered low." - Mayo Clinic


Dr. Barry Mangel, M.D. 

Chief Cardiology Officer 

"This device will be one of the important tools in the remote patient monitoring space as we migrate to virtual healthcare." 



WellStar Health System


Blood Oxygen Level Device


You own your data. 

Download the iOX App.

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Download the free app now.


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